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BUFDG : British Universities Finance Directors Group

BUFDG : British Universities Finance Directors Group

financial statements

To understand what is included in a financial statement, let’s first take a look at its definition. 66% of our costs relate to staff, by far our most important form of expenditure. Given the increasing impact of cost of living on our customers, in July 2022 we launched our cost of living hub across our mobile banking apps and websites. Through the hub customers can get access to free and independent advice with support to help them manage their finances.

This article is designed to aid candidates in understanding what is expected to create a good answer to a interpretation question. Combined, these statements provide a good view of the financial health of your business. We are living up to our mission by contributing to society through education, learning and research. Gross profit is the difference between the revenues and the cost of sales. The income statement is often crucial when managers decide whether they want to expand into new areas or increase their manufacturing capabilities.


Candidates require good interpretation skills and a good understanding of what the information means in the context of a question. To explain in more detail, assets are items owned or controlled by the business which have the potential to produce income or other benefits. Money owed to you, known as receivables, is included in this category. Every company in the UK is required by law to publish their income statement under the Companies Act. Current assets are a company’s possessions that are used in production.

financial statements

Introduce reporting automation and reduce your time to insight with fewer manual tasks, freeing you up for the type of analysis only you can do. Spend less time collecting financial and more time analyzing it, so you can provide everyone—from the board to the CFO—with exactly what they need. The balance sheet must have the name of a director printed on it and must be signed by a director. If your company is small, a micro entity or dormant, you might be able to send simpler (‘abridged’) accounts. IAS 1 was reissued in September 2007 and applies to annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2009. Directors propose the appointment of auditors to shareholders, shareholders vote on whether to approve the appointment.

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Contact Employer Partnerships Our Employer Partnerships team are here to answer any and all enquiries about our business services. Would you like access to the latest H E finance news, information, training, and updates, along with access to a great network of other H E finance professionals? Building on our strong foundations and distinct competitive strengths, our purpose of Helping Britain Prosper forms the basis of our strategy construction bookkeeping to profitably deliver for all of our stakeholders. Going forward, a big part of our strategy is to create a more sustainable, resilient future. Which is why we committed, last year, not to fund any new oil and gas fields. « Throughout 2022, we have continued to deliver on our purpose of Helping Britain Prosper, core to everything we do, whilst creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for people and businesses.

A balance sheet shows what the company owns and owes to others at a certain point in time. A financial statement is a set of data and figures reflecting the financial conditions of a company. To help managers make decisions – Financial statements can be very useful for managers when making business decisions. For example, if they see that a company is making losses, they can refrain from spending money and try to introduce actions to improve profitability. People are at the heart of all the College’s activities, and our biggest expenditure by far is on staff.

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The income statement matches all the revenues and expenses to show a profit or loss made by a business. This way it can arrive at a net profit which is the final feature of the income statement. Net profit is the profit made by a business after all of its expenses have been subtracted from revenues. What image comes to mind when you hear the term ‘financial statements’?

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  • Given the Group’s performance and strong capital position, the Board has recommended a total ordinary dividend of 2.40 pence per share.
  • Watch this 2-minute Financial Consolidation overview video from AccountsIQ’s AIQ Academy.
  • Non-current refers to amounts not due in the next 12 months such as mortgages and long-term loans.
  • Perhaps just a piece of paper with a ton of digits representing the monies in a business.
  • The only procedures auditors are currently required to perform on the full annual report is to ‘read’ it for consistency with the ‘back end’ financial statements, the auditor’s knowledge of the business, and obvious misstatements.
  • It is important to understand that profit is calculated over a period of time.

Since the launch of the app, we’ve seen over 875,000 customers visit the hub. We continue to offer help to children and young adults across the UK to better understand the value of money and manage their finances day-to-day as they transition to financial independence. Our activity is primarily delivered face-to-face by colleague volunteers in classrooms, but we also have a range of resources that are available for download via the Lloyds Bank Academy site. In addition, we made significant changes to our reward approach which reflect our continued desire to support our colleagues, particularly those that are lower paid, during these extraordinary times and over the longer term. The 2023 pay award has a cash value typically in the range of 8% to 13% for our lowest paid colleagues.

Archive of University and Colleges Financial Statements

Perhaps just a piece of paper with a ton of digits representing the monies in a business. Reviewing, assessing, and comparing financial statements, however, is crucially important for owners, shareholders, and interested parties in a business. Without financial statements, it would most likely be impossible to make any definitive statement about a company and its financial well-being. Expenditure is incurred for a variety of reasons, whilst always putting students at the heart of everything we do. As you will see below and would expect, staff costs are the sector’s biggest expenditure. We have no zero hour contracts and a very small amount of casual staff.

  • The British Universities Finance Directors Group is the representative body for higher education finance staff in the United Kingdom.
  • What we spent out money on and income by type 2020 to 2021The majority of our income, 44%, came from teaching and education contracts, with 20% from our funding bodies and 14% from research grants.
  • Browse the ESG Content Hub for the latest trending news, ideas, and resources.
  • We are committed to transparency in our financial reporting and helping our community and stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of our financial situation.
  • 66% of our costs relate to staff, by far our most important form of expenditure.
  • In addition, it could potentially be more difficult and expensive to raise further debt finance.
  • The specific accounting rules for consolidationare based around the type of business and amount of ownership they have over other firms.

This helps you to know when, for example, you’ll have cash to invest in the business. Learn how to check that your numbers add up with AAT’s guide to https://www.world-today-news.com/accountants-tips-for-effective-cash-flow-management-in-the-construction-industry/, balance sheets, and profit and loss accounts. Financial ratios compare the relationship between two or more elements of financial data sourced from a business’s financial statements. The income statement shows the profit earned and loss sustained by a business over a particular period .


It is important to understand that profit is calculated over a period of time. This is a fundamental concept, called the accruals concept, which states that income for a period must be matched against the expenditure for the period. If you’re looking for investment, lenders and investors will usually want to see your financial statements before committing funds. Staff, particularly budget holders, should be familiar with financial statements too – to ensure financial responsibility is maintained across the business. A financial statement is a report that shows the financial activities and performance of a business. It is used by lenders and investors to check a business’s financial health and earnings potential.

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